Images 'N The Lens Photography - by D. Meyer | About
I'm Deb Meyer, photographer, and professional artist with over 20 years experience. My photography interest began in High School using film photography as reference for my illustration talents. Since 2007 I have jumped to the digital world and have photographed people, pets, wildlife and many other unique images.

Being a proud owner of AKC Shetland Sheepdogs, I was inspired to photograph my own dogs, capturing the very essence of what makes a Sheltie such a wonderful loving and devoted hard working companion.This further inspired my passion to photograph other pets with their people, as well as many other animals, plant life, wildlife, exotics and special animal events. In my youth I rode horses and competed in QH barrel racing in our local rodeo. Even though I no longer ride or compete in the rodeos, my love for horses has never faded.
Today I spend time photographing them at the track or in their natural environment which horse owner and jockey enjoy seeing and sharing with family and friends.

Images 'N The Lens Photography was created
in light of the positive response of many people interested in my photography and how I strive to bring the images that I take to near life like clarity that speak a story to the viewer. Images 'N The Lens Photography offers the convenience of a mobile service, specializing in a variety of venues, photographing pets, people, as well as wildlife and commercial architecture.

I'm available as a freelance photographer and schedule photo sessions too. My specialty is environmental meaning I don't support a studio or have studio equipment to photograph my subjects. Everything is captured under natural light. I am available for special events providing there is enough light that doesn't require me to support an additional lighting set up.

My slogan: "Catching the Moment". Whether it's a horse with his rider expressing him to run hard to pass the finish line, or the tender moment between two people, or the cuteness of a puppy or kitten's face, are moments captured in time that will never be repeated again. Images that can be cherish with memories for a life time.